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We, heirs and successors of PAUL VIRILIO and children of the age of hyper-acceleration, are no longer content merely to be passive spectators or victims of the consequences of history.

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We refuse to accept the routinisation of the ‘accident’, its trivialisation and virtual erasure from consciousness.
Because the accident is at the root of what it is to be human, we are determined to shed light on it and reveal its true significance.
We are calling for a ‘MUSEUM OF THE ACCIDENT’ which would be a place of learning, teaching and research.
A Museum of the Accident which will be an architectural setting for the unusual, the improbable and the unforeseen.
An architectural setting that you venture into as you would a crypt.
The design concept of the museum will be essentially dynamic and cinematic, and will deconstruct the accident in such a way as to bring a new kind of understanding into being. It will reveal the ‘DEEP TIME’ of the accident.
We call for a dedicated space in which there will no longer be collections, static displays or picture-rails displaying photos, graphics representations, but rather LANDSCAPES OF EVENTS.
A museum whose dromos or sense of direction takes you from one phenomenon to another, rather than from one exhibition space to another.
No orderly queues of visitors; instead, a sense of unease, of imbalance, grips you from the moment you cross the threshold.
No fixed points, no familiar patterns.
We move through a space where almost anything is possible. Instead of walking on level ground, we must scramble up.
We find ourselves surrounded by moments of indeterminacy, of in-betweens, which lead on to a range of negative outcomes - the ‘Negative Horizon’ of the accident.
We call for a Museum in which the underlying reality of the accident is revealed – a Museum of the Accident that would be a lesson of ethics. 

The urgency to inaugurate in the 21st century, after the famous cabinets of curiosity of the Renaissance, the Museum of the accident of the future.

Paul Virilio

On an idea of Paul Virilio, the Museum of the accident is a scientific and cultural project in prefiguration.





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